TOURTech Provides Free Wi-Fi for Global Citizen Festival in Central Park

60,000 fans were treated to a free concert in Central Park Saturday.  The Global Citizens Festival included performances from artists Neil Young, John Legend, The Foo Fighters and The Black Keys.  The five hour long concert was streamed worldwide and relied heavily on wireless internet connectivity and social media engagement to bring attention to The Global Poverty Project.

New York, NY September 29th 2012

Free Wi-Fi is becoming a valuable digital tool for event organizers looking to get their message transmitted past the physical boundaries of their event.

TourTech, an IT support service to the touring and entertainment industries, provided free wireless internet connectivity to fans and production support for the artists in attendance.  Event Wi-Fi, live streaming video, and a social awareness campaign supported the events higher purpose: Bringing awareness to global poverty issues.

 Giving event attendees the opportunity to connect online with free wireless internet transformed the festival’s local message in Central Park to a global broadcast.

Hugh Evans, CEO of the Global Poverty Project, said the organization received over 71,000 registrations, netting nearly 3.5 million page views and about 170,000 people completed petitions on their website during the event.  Twitter and Facebook engagement rose dramatically with 200,000 mentions on each service.

Getting 60,000 fans online access is no easy task.  Cell phone networks become overwhelmed under concentrated conditions like concerts and sporting events.  “As organizations look to expand their message, providing their fans with social media channels becomes progressively more difficult.” said Allen Cook, CEO of TorTech, “Cellular services slow to a crawl during large gatherings and we were happy to donate our Wi-Fi services to a great cause like The Global Poverty Project.”

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