Lollapalooza Vendors Happy with Cashless System


The Lollapalooza Festival offered ticket holders the option to go cashless this year. Festival goers used RFID-embed wristbands for entry, as well as to purchase food, beverages and merchandise.

TOURtech deployed and managed the complex network responsible for connecting Wi-Fi enabled POS terminals to inventory control and processing systems for all of the sales transactions at the festival.

Mashable’s August 4 article on the RFID wristbands reports:

“They’re [the wristbands are] working really well — they definitely make things faster,” Jim, a cashier at the Kamehachi Japanese food booth, told Mashable, adding that about one-third of his customers so far have used wristbands to pay during the three-day festival.

He’s just one of countless vendors who are happy with the new system, saying it quickens the wait time for customers and theoretically lets them cater to more festival-goers.

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