TOURtech Tests Solar-Powered Wi-Fi at Free Press Summer Festival

Two massively popular technologies are combined to create a new standard in event production. 

TOURtech wireless network engineers are testing out solar-powered Wi-Fi networks at special events and festivals. The technicians added a solar panel into the mix at the fabulous Free Press Summer Festival in Houston, June 5 – 6, 2015. This is part of a test run for the 40-watt solar panel, which integrated with non-critical network design elements on the festival site.

Wi-Fi equipment requires power, and this can be a major factor in the design of a temporary wireless network at an outdoor event. Solar panels are an excellent solution to this issue, contributing the ability to serve hard-to-reach areas with electricity. Freedom from generators and power cords means freedom for the network design, opening up exciting possibilities. There are more options for placement, and there is an ease of design. This model changes the way equipment will be deployed in the future, helping to build more robust networks. Solar-powered WiFi systems are set to become a new standard option within the TOURtech toolbox.