Case Study: The Return of Temporary Event Wi-Fi to Lollapalooza

When event production pros, C3 Presents, need Event Wi-Fi for hundreds of vendors, artists, VIPs, and support staff across 320 acres of wooded outdoor terrain in an urban area with 100,000+ fans, they know of only one company to call – TOURtech. Year after year, TOURtech returns to Lollapalooza as its IT service provider.

Required internet connectivity for sponsors, vendors, production staff and artists has more than doubled in three years to over 200 locations across 5.5 million square feet of Chicago’s Grant Park, including almost 1,000 Point of Sale terminals throughout the park.

TOURtech deployed its Event Wi-Fi, Public Wi-Fi and Production IT solutions from its Advanced Network Operations Center. Relationships with key vendors and buildings allowed TOURtech to utilize vertical assets such as building roof tops and high truss structures to connect primary zones that would reach all corners of the event space. Each of these areas was backed up by alternate connections in the event of failure. Multiple point-to-multipoint backbone APs were used to distribute signal to the majority of individual connectivity locations. In conjunction with wireless backhaul systems, TOURtech used tactical fiber in key areas that required high bandwidth capacity and reliability.

Our clients used words like “fastest deployment” and “a network we can depend on” to describe the services provided by TOURtech. Over six terabytes of data was transferred across the network over the course of the event.

Lollapalooza’s points of sale experienced a 75% (40 to 69) growth year over the previous year. TOURtech’s network now supports a system that handles transactions using cash, credit card and RFID wristbands. This system also allows for real time monitoring of inventory at each POS location. Transaction times on TOURtech’s IP network were 84% faster using credit cards and RFID than traditional cash POS, thus allowing more people to wait in shorter lines, creating a more attractive sales point and helping to increase overall cash flow.