Crew Profile: Bunky Dunn

At TOURtech, we are network engineers, production professionals, Wi-Fi experts, loyal employees and contractors – but we are also real people! Get to know our amazing team as we share our stories each month… some work-related and some not-so-work-related. All your questions will be answered!  Ok, not ALL your questions. But rest assured, you’ll know more than you did yesterday!

Our first Crew Profile throws the spotlight on Bunky Dunn, Senior Account Manager, who works closely with some of our biggest clients to help connect their events – Lollapalooza, Firefly, Austin City Limits, and LOCKN’ to name a few.

What’s in a Name. Bunky’s story starts in Lubbock, TX where he spent the first two years of his life, and that’s a good place to address the one thing you are probably thinking right now: “Is ‘Bunky’ his real name, or just a nickname?”  We’re going to file this one under “It’s complicated.”  Before he was born his parents always referred to him as Bunky. While it is NOT his legal name, it stuck and that’s what everyone has called him since.  If you want to know the name that’s on his birth certificate, you’ll have to ask him (or his Aunt – she is the only person that actually uses it).

BMX for Life! Moving from Lubbock to the Atlanta area, Bunky spent his childhood growing up in Fayetteville, GA where he developed his passion for BMX.  Not only did he ride, but Bunky built a great reputation in the industry by becoming a moderator on an international BMX forum.  Most people only have one bike, but Bunky currently has 11 rideable BMX bikes and enough parts in his garage to build three more – not to mention the custom indoor ramp.

The Beginning. After college and a few “normal” jobs, Bunky finally landed a gig as a runner at a music festival.  The one thing he remembers being told on his first day is, “Be careful. If you do this well, you’re going to get sucked into it!” and that’s exactly what happened. Bunky later moved into roles as Artist Wrangler, Production Manager, and has even done some Backline work.  But it was 2011, when working as a runner at Hangout Music Festival, that he first encountered TOURtech.

Bunky recalls being fascinated by how we were deploying CAT5 cable, “My dog kept chewing through the Ethernet cables at my house and I thought it would be WAY cheaper if I could make my own!”

One of TOURtech’s longtime contractors, Katie Friesema, showed Bunky how to crimp a cable and ethernet cable sales at the local Best Buy plummeted.  Not long after that, he joined the TOURtech team working as a Utility Technician in the field. The rest is history. Since then, Bunky has filled an array of roles within the company, most recently being promoted to Senior Account Manager.

Bunky has 9 chickens, 4 ducks, 2 dogs and an amazing work ethic. The only thing he loves more than working at TOURtech is TACOS.  If you’re in Austin for ACL this year, make sure you stop by Torchy’s Tacos, order the Trailer Park taco (Hillbilly style) from the secret menu, and tell them Bunky Dunn & TOURtech sent you.