TOURtech Improves Public Wi-Fi Experience at 5th Annual Global Citizen Festival

TOURtech, rolled out its Public Wi-Fi solution on a grand scale at the 2016 Global Citizen Festival.  Held annually on Central Park’s Great Lawn in NYC, the in-person audience of more than 60,000 had the opportunity to connect to the free Public Wi-Fi service and continue to support the social good campaigns that earned them free-admission to the ticketed event via social platforms without having to rely on inundated cell service.

Attendees at large-scale events routinely struggle with connecting to social media platforms and other internet based services. Cellular towers are over taxed by the increased traffic causing poor service and contributing to a fear of missing out.  Traditional approaches to Public Event Wi-Fi is known for being spotty, slow, and unreliable.  TOURtech’s Public Wi-Fi Hotspots address those issues directly.

”The Global Citizen movement engages activists to drive social change through a variety of mediums.  Many of our campaigns are powered by social media and SMS so a reliable Wi-Fi service is essential to the success of our movement. TOURtech was an essential partner in helping us service our Global Citizen community on the day,” said David Beame, Global Event & Experiences Director for Global Citizen.

TOURtech has taken the unique approach of breaking down an event into smaller, more manageable pieces, thus creating a consistently reliable connection to those accessing the internet.  These targeted Public Wi-Fi hotspots focus on areas where event organizers, sponsors and attendees benefit most from the offering by enhancing revenue generation, fan engagement or, in the case of Global Citizen Festival, raising awareness of critical social issues.

Working with data analytics partner, Exposure Analytics by Forge Special Projects, the data collected from targeted Public Wi-Fi hotspots enables event organizers to shape future shows, increase awareness of their brand or cause, and help sponsors do the same.

TOURtech Founder and CEO, Allen Cook had this to say about the project, “We have watched our client and partner, Global Citizen, work to find an effective way to engage fans and recruit Global Citizens in their effort to end extreme poverty worldwide.  We were able to leverage our vast Wi-Fi experience in concert with Exposure Analytics to provide not only Wi-Fi connectivity, but enhanced analytics to better understand the audience.”

About Global Citizen: Global Citizen is a social action platform for the global generation who are passionate about learning and taking action on the world’s biggest issues. Global Citizen works in partnership with and supports some of the most effective organizations working to achieve the Global Goals and end extreme poverty. Committed to providing the most interesting stories, effective actions and powerful campaigns, Global Citizen aims to reach and recruit the largest possible number of people who care about global issues.

About TOURtech: TOURtech is the market leader in providing event Wi-Fi, VoIP, Internet Connection Management, and Mobile Office Solutions. Featuring an elite team of event production professionals and expert network engineers, the company continually sets the bar for event Wi-Fi success and delivers reliable event technology solutions that is unparalleled.

About Exposure Analytics: Exposure Analytics is the world’s first footfall analytics platform designed specifically for the live event industry. Launched in 2014, Exposure has been used at over 350 events across the world from high street pop-up stores to large public events. Exposure data provides our clients with unique insight into audience size, customer engagement and overall performance of their event marketing activity. For further information and to book your demonstration please visit

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