Crew Profile: Simon Knudsen

At TOURtech, we are network engineers, production professionals, Wi-Fi experts, loyal employees and contractors – but we are also real people! Get to know our amazing team as we share our stories each month… some work-related and some not-so-work-related. All your questions will be answered!  Ok, not ALL your questions. But rest assured, you’ll know more than you did yesterday!

This Crew Profile throws the spotlight on Simon Knudsen, who has been with TOURtech in some way, shape, or form since the early days of the company. Simon has filled many roles at TOURtech, including onsite technician, tour technician, sales, logistics, and project management.

The Beginning. Originally from Denmark, Simon got started in the production industry in the early 2000’s by working as the “IT guy” for some of the biggest names in music; U2 and The Rolling Stones to name a few. When the Stones wrapped up their 2007 tour, Simon searched for his next big opportunity and found TOURtech. Founder & CEO, Allen Cook, invited Simon to Los Angeles to meet and discuss upcoming tours and opportunities. And, as they say, the rest is history!

Building a Brand. Simon joined the TOURtech team and spent a lot time on the road with The Eagles and the Dave Matthews Band, but it was during his “downtime” that Simon helped Allen build a solid base of experienced contractors. This formed the foundation for TOURtech and as connectivity became more of a necessity in the industry, the company really started to grow.

A Day in the Life.  Today, Simon’s passion is focused more on production management and tour management. When he’s not out on the road with Barbara Streisand or Neil Diamond, you’ll find him listening to vinyl on his custom built, old-school 2-channel stereo in his completely DIY remodeled man-cave barn, or riding his Honda NX250, which he plans on trading in soon for a new Triumph Tiger. He also loves to ski with his family; Lukas, Caleb, and Sharon.

He also enjoys walking his dog for an hour a day – a Shepherd/Labrador/Rottweiler mix.  “He’s a good dog. Best dog ever!” says Simon.

And of course, every once in a while, Simon checks in with us at TOURtech HQ and picks up a gig or two as a Network Engineer… because #goodtimes.