5 Best Ways to Maximize Impact of Your Brand Activation with Wi-Fi

Written by contributors, Bunky Dunn and Chris “Swayz” Campbell.

Congratulations! You’ve created a great product and have decided to advertise via brand activation at your favorite events. Having a brand activation space is a great, interactive way to get your product in front of potential buyers.  With ever-growing technology and FOMO behavior, getting directly in front of an audience with an open schedule and keeping their attention is becoming increasingly more important for conveying your message to them.  With increasing technologies and internet requirements, TOURtech has taken the liberty of breaking down the 5 Best Ways to Use Wi-Fi and maximize impact with your audience, as well as give you a measurable way to convey that impact to your company.

1. Invest in Production Wi-Fi for your team.  Nothing will hurt your event presence more than a staff that can’t communicate with each other. At large events, cell towers are overwhelmed by the influx of use.  Phone calls and email over cellular service can become spotty or even non-existent.  And that doesn’t even count all the data downloads & uploads via cloud services like dropbox.  By introducing a secure, dedicated Wi-Fi network, you and your staff remain in constant communication and can quickly convey issues or feedback during the event. Bonus: Adding VoIP phone service to your location is another valuable option.

2. Integrate Public Wi-Fi into your activation. Patrons are more likely to enter your brand activation if they have incentives.  Providing a public Wi-Fi connection to your audience is a great hook that gets people through the door.  If you provide your audience with a space to upload their latest photos to social media, then they are more likely to come into your brand activation, and more likely to stick around.

3. Advertise your Public Wi-Fi. Make sure you have signage that promotes that you have Free Wi-Fi in your Activation space.  If people don’t know about it, how are you going to get them to take advantage of it?  The bigger, the better!


4. Engage people. Once patrons are drawn into your brand activation by the prospect of free Wi-Fi, you want to give them an experience to remember.  Add a photo booth or an online gaming platform for them to compete with other users and post their score.  You can also incentivize them to post a picture to social media using your hashtag to be entered into a contest for SWAG or a VIP experience.


5. Gather Data. If you’re not taking advantage of your internet connection to gather data, you’re doing it wrong. As a simple add-on to your Wi-Fi connection, you should be gathering data about your potential buyers.  There are 2 ways you can do this; actively and passively.  Actively data gathering is when an action is required of your audience; i.e. social media authentication and email capture upon sign-in to a free public Wi-Fi network.  Passive data gathering requires no action and is done by detecting devices nearby; i.e. footfall analytics and beacon technology.  Passive data can include passersby, returned visitors, engaged visitors, dwell time, and how your audience moved through your activation. This type of information is great for helping you determine just how engaging your activation really is.


If you can master these 5 points for your next event brand activation, you will be more likely to create a space that is inviting, comfortable, convenient, and exciting.  Wi-Fi attracts & retains the clientele. Your goal is to create an impact on attendees, and these 5 steps will help you get there.