A Sinefa Case Study on TOURtech’s Network Monitoring Solution

In 2015, TOURtech partnered with Sinefa to monitor its networks and shape their use. The results redefined what was possible in a temporary setting and raised the bar on high-quality, optimal-performance networking — so much so, that Sinefa produced a case study about our use of their product, the challenges we face and the results we are able to reach in short timeframes.

Rock-solid networks, optimized to their highest level of performance, are imperative at temporary events. With increasingly connected audiences, comes an increasing number of challenges. Being able to see and manage those challenges in a timely manner is paramount to the excellence in service we strive to provide to our clients.

Large-scale event networks are especially tapped by a multitude of use case scenarios. RFID access control, points of sale, video streaming, targeted public wi-fi and cloud-based file sharing programs are all culprits of eating their fair share of bandwidth onsite.

Things that are innocuous in an office situation become a very big problem in a temporary environment,” said Allen Cook, CEO and founder of TOURtech. “We don’t have much time to set our networks up, nor do we have the luxury of time to deeply analyze or troubleshoot where problems lie.

In the past, the lack of a network-wide monitoring solution resulted in difficulty tracking network traffic without doing a lot of time consuming analysis. We needed a solution that could provide the full robustness of Layer 7 shaping beyond the firewall, to identify, block or reduce various types of traffic over these temporary networks as required.

We often only have one or two days to set up a network, so we needed a solution that would allow us to be up and running almost instantly and to manage and modify it on the fly,” commented Cook. “Sinefa offered us a vendor agnostic solution that would allow us to focus on using the best product for the task, with its solution sitting in between to manage the traffic. We couldn’t find anything else like it on the market.”

Sinefa’s network probe and accompanying dashboard app provide us with the visibility and control to identify and manage recreational users and apps on our event networks at any given time. The solution combines Layer 7 visibility with network quality metrics, so we quickly understand how bandwidth is being used at each event.

Sinefa enables us to detect any anomalies that may warrant some extra investigation and address issues that are impacting network performance, which might entail either redirecting or blocking traffic.

To read the Sinefa Case Study in its entirety, click here.