Temporary Wi-Fi and the “Festivalization” of Corporate Events

It’s no secret that festivals around the world have experienced and enjoyed a surge in attendance from their communities. From film to food & wine to music, attendees are swarming from areas near and far to experience these cultures in a festival environment.

Big brands are taking notice and have already begun to “festivalize” events in hopes of attracting consumers and seamlessly inserting products into their lives. Festivalization is a term used to describe this evolution of corporate events into bigger, more impactful brand experiences by appropriating the festival culture.

TOURtech staffer, Chris Campbell, recently attended the Experiential Marketing Summit 2017 in Chicago where festivalization of standard corporate events was a notable reoccurring topic. Leading organizations such as Google and AOL spoke about the theme during two separate sessions.

+Google I/O Reinvention with Intention – the decision to move from a standard convention center to an outdoor amphitheater made last year’s developer conference the brands most successful to date.

+AOL- Thanks to the popularity of music and film festivals, consumer expectations for all kinds of events have changed. AOL recently disrupted expectations and “festivalized” its annual New Front event into the open streets of New York City. The approach helped them generate 17% more social buzz than the 2016 NBA All-Star Game.

Removing the restrictions of a venue or conference center location allowed these brands to reinvent the experience they wanted for their attendees. When you are able to focus on the experience versus the content of a conference or corporate meeting the impact of that investment exponentially increases. While the concept sounds simplistic, the application of such an endeavor is not.

Both groups stated that while attendee engagement and takeaways increased, they also learned about the trials and tribulations of taking a typically indoor event outdoors into a temporary environment. It is important to partner with consultants and companies who are experienced in these environments. Their knowledge and guidance can save you tens of thousands of dollars with appropriate proactive planning.

An important element of such planning is the network infrastructure needed to support an event. Internet infrastructure is often times an afterthought or assumed to be bound to a venue and the restrictions of what they have to offer. If planned properly, a network can be built anywhere and its cost aligned with high ROI. This is an area in which TOURtech not only has the experience, but excels in for high-profile clients.

Working with the largest producers in the world such as LiveNation & AEG Presents, TOURtech engineers design, deploy and manage network infrastructures for both festivals and festivalized events. Whether it is a highly confidential high-profile conference for a few hundred people or a large-scale event with attendee numbers over 100k/day, TOURtech has the award-winning experience and reliability our clients trust. Systems supported include RFID, point of sale, livestreams, digital signage, public Wi-Fi, beacons, brand activations, and all production elements from VIP Artist Wi-Fi to portable office solutions. Give us a call if you want to explore “festivalizing” your corporate event.