EventTech 2017: Large Scale Outdoor Wi-Fi, Lessons Learned From Lollapalooza

EventTech 2017 happening this week in Las Vegas, and TOURtech CEO & Founder Allen Cook will be taking attendees behind the scenes at Lollapalooza to showcase how 320 acres of urban terrain are wired for internet and Wi-Fi to support 100,000-plus fans, vendors, artists, VIP attendees and staff.

Joshua Hulbert, Field Technology Manager for Front Gate Tickets, will be joining Cook as they present a session titled “Large Scale Outdoor Wi-Fi – Lessons Learned From Lollapalooza,” where they will give you insight on what you need to know about serving up (solid) internet connectivity across large-scale event footprints, as well as the advantages of nurturing a partnership with the right vendors, and the ROI that comes with a continuous commitment to setting the event tech bar higher.

If you’re in charge of your production or event budgets—and don’t want to hear about the “crappy” Wi-Fi ever again—then this session is for you.  It’s happening on Wednesday, November 15th at 11:30am.

Visit the EventTech website for more details.

Photo: Chad Tyson for TOURtech