FestForums Panel Preview: Building Your Business Case for Event Technology

You want to have Wi-Fi to support ticketing, sponsors, vendors and the production offices at your event, but you were told, “It’s just not in the budget”… now what?

Overcoming objections is a universal obstacle we all face, but it becomes a critical component if it gets between your client’s monetary limitations and delivering the best solution to meet their goals and objectives.

During this panel, which is part of TOURtech’s 15 Summit, you will learn what decision-makers need to justify and receive approval for your service costs while keeping an eye on your own profit and revenue objectives.  There will also be tips on providing materials and information to clients that can help them easily build a business case to secure your services, and you will find out how to see the bigger budgeting picture from different perspectives that can open creative avenues for shifting and allocating costs in order to win the business.

  • When: Friday, November 17th at 11:00am
  • Where: Anacapa Room at FestForums
  • Moderator: Chris Moody
  • Panelists: David Beame (Global Citizen), Victor Segal (Glownet), Jeremy Rollinson (TOURtech CTO)