FestForums Panel Preview: WTF Is Event Technology?

Believe it or not, technology is often one of the most overlooked things when it comes to planning an event, and more times than not, people find themselves scrambling at the last minute to make sure it is taken care of.  Technology and connectivity have become so commonplace that they are things most everyone expects will be easy to make work, however, that is rarely the case, especially when it comes to events.

Here are two questions you should always ask yourself when planning an event:

1. What kind of technology will our staff, vendors, and attendees be using?

2. What are the requirements needed to ensure all of that technology properly functions together?

If you have ever found yourself struggling to answer either of those questions, then make it point to check out the “WTF Is Event Technology?” panel at FestForums in Santa Barbara where TOURtech CEO & Founder Allen Cook and industry leaders will break down this broad topic into 3 different categories:


“Event Technology” encompasses a wide spectrum of services in each of those categories.  It is no longer defined as just a device or an app, and it should not be looked at as one thing.  Technology is now something that is intertwined throughout an event, and each of the pieces have different objectives that can either compliment or compete with one another.

There are many different things that should be considered when incorporating technology into your event, no matter how big or small, which will ultimately provide your staff, vendors, and attendees with best experience possible.

This panel, which is part of TOURtech’s 15 Summit at FestForums, will clearly outline the effect of technological convergence at your event, and help you to better understand the depths and crossover of the different categories of “Event Technology.”

  • When: Friday, November 17th at 9:00am
  • Where: Anacapa Room
  • Moderator: Allen Cook
  • Panelists: Damon Schrotberger (FestiFi), Eddie Sheridan (NEP Group), and Biasha Mitchell (Eventbrite)

Read more about the 15 Summit here.