TOURtech Debuts New Vending Machine Backstage at Music Festivals

You’re working onsite at a music festival in a big city or remote location and your iPhone cable breaks.  What do you do?  Ask your co-workers to borrow one?  Leave the venue and try to find somewhere close by that sells them?

Here’s the easy solution:  walk over to catering and grab one from the TOURtech Vending Machine!

A vending machine, stocked by production professionals, for production professionals.  It started as a crazy idea on a phone call, and now it’s making appearances at music festivals around the country.

The vending machine is the brainchild of TOURtech Founder & CEO, Allen Cook, and CTO Jeremy Rollinson.  Both have spent countless hours working onsite at events over the years where requests for tech related items like phone chargers, thumb drives, and screen protectors have become quite common.  Now we can accommodate those needs!

At first glance, it’s a regular vending machine, but upon further inspection, it looks like a seasoned road case, and is stocked with tech goodies and creature comforts that crew members always need while working a show.  Oh, and the best part: all of the items are extremely affordable.

The TOURtech Vending Machine made its’ debut at Firefly Music Festival in June of this year and received a lot of great feedback from everyone working the show.  Afterwards, we made some adjustments to the inventory, then sent it straight to Lollapalooza.

The vending machine is currently in catering at Austin City Limits, which kicks off this weekend, but you’ll need a credential to see it in action!