TOURtech deploys massive temporary internet installations quickly and efficiently

TOURtech, a leader in providing connectivity for the nation’s largest live music events, today announced that it will offer internet access, wireless networking, CCTV, crowd screening and other technology solutions to organizations that are hosting drive-in entertainment. TOURtech’s team of expert engineers is enabling parks and parking lots with technology and connectivity to produce live concerts and movies, supporting cashless and touchless point-of-sale systems, ticketing, security, production and more.

“As states begin to reopen, we are all looking for ways to safely reconnect with the things we love, like music and movies,” said Allen Cook, founder and CEO of TOURtech. “Our technology can turn just about any space, no matter how remote, into a sophisticated drive-in movie theater or a live concert experience.”

Since 2003, TOURtech has been working with some of the nation’s most prominent live music events and festivals and turning challenging environments, with little to no connectivity, into highly complex network-connected zones. TOURtech’s expert installation teams rapidly deploy the network solution and handle the massive influx of data in a safe, secure and stable manner. They constantly monitor the network to enable secure and reliable connectivity to maximize the experience for both the public and production staff.

In addition to entertainment applications, TOURtech can provide technology to pop-up coronavirus testing sites, emergency management and first responder stations and a wide variety of businesses who need innovative tech solutions. Products include internet access, networking solutions, point-of-sales solutions, smart CCTV monitoring and backup and custom technology development. TOURtech engineers provide an array of IT services, such as proactive monitoring, onsite and remote technical support and fast service.

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About TOURtech

TOURtech provides flexible, innovative technology solutions to businesses so they can focus on what they do best. We offer temporary WiFi installations, equipment management, IT consulting, network design, CCTV and intelligence technology, bandwidth and connectivity support, touchless menu technology and more. Have a different tech problem? We have an answer. Our elite team of engineers cut their teeth in the fast-paced, demanding world of live entertainment, where there’s no room for failure and sophisticated solutions are the name of the game.

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