Live Entertainment – a Letter from our Founder & CEO, Allen Cook

Greetings colleagues and friends,

We’ve all watched the events of 2020 disrupt every corner of live entertainment, and it’s hard to see what the future will bring. Our industry has a strength like few others: the ability to build amazing things quickly and efficiently, with an unrivaled attention to detail. Through all these challenges, TOURtech is working hard to bring tech to a world in need. 

Our love is live entertainment, but our specialty is everything tech. And, connectivity is more important now than ever. While a lot of what we normally do is on hold, TOURtech has launched into several products to help navigate today’s issues:

  • COVID-19 Response Team: building restricted-access, secure networks that allow screeners to securely record and store test results.
  • Drive-in Entertainment: turning parks and parking lots into fully networked entertainment venues with cashless point-of-sale and ticketing solutions.
  • Touchless Menuputting digital menus directly onto guests’ personal smart devices.
  • Wireless Network Deploymentbringing internet access and bandwidth to new and underserved spaces, making sure that people stay connected during these trying times
  • Full Service IT Support: providing customized, affordable IT services, from network design to equipment rentals to consulting to help businesses scale up fast

We can’t wait to see you on the road or at a festival. Until then, be well, and please let me know if our team of engineers can help you with any of your tech challenges. 

We’re always here –

Allen Cook