TOURtech Deploys Rapid Covid-19 Response Teams to Network Pop-Up Screening Centers

Tech company provides connectivity, supplies critical IT equipment and ensures securely-stored test results

TOURtech, a leader in innovative technology solutions, is setting up temporary Covid-19 screening centers for companies that experience virus outbreaks. The TOURtech Covid Response Team networks pop-up screening centers for businesses, supplies laptops and other IT equipment for healthcare providers and ensures that test results are securely recorded and stored via a cloud-based app.

“Businesses are up against tremendous challenges to keep up regular operations while making sure their workforce is healthy. If there’s an outbreak, they need to quickly set up testing facilities,” said Allen Cook, founder and CEO of TOURtech. “Our technology turns parking lots into fully-networked Covid-19 testing sites in a matter of days.”

TOURtech builds restricted-access, secure networks that allow healthcare providers to record and store employees’ test results on a web-based testing app. The Raleigh, North Carolina-based tech company also provides IT equipment, establishes connectivity and proactively monitors the network. TOURtech partners with Healthscreen Solutions, a company that tests employees and enters test results into the secure system.

In addition to networking pop-up Covid-19 testing sites, TOURtech can provide IT solutions for drive-in concert or movie venues, emergency management and first responder stations and a wide variety of businesses that need innovative tech support. Products include internet access, point-of-sales solutions, smart CCTV monitoring and backup and custom technology development. TOURtech engineers provide an array of services, such as proactive monitoring, onsite and remote technical support and fast service.

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