TOURtech Helping the Restaurant Industry Stay Open with Touchless Menus

When looking for ways to help the local community adapt to the COVID-19 crisis, TOURtech reached out to local restaurants with their Touchless Menu Solution. This low-cost, simple, and easy to use system allows patrons to see a menu on their smart devices by doing nothing but connecting to a local Wi-Fi network.

One of the first customers to try it was Dame’s Chicken and Waffles, who has 3 locations in North Carolina. They immediately found it helpful, both for their carry-out and dine in customers. Co-Owner Randy Wadsworth commented “Touchless Menu has provided our customer’s and staff an added layer of protection which improves their experience so they can focus on enjoying their meal” and noted that it was so simple to use waitstaff could quickly show customers how to access the menus with little fuss.

TOURtech’s Touchless Menus are for more than the patrons, they also help staff maintain social distancing as they don’t have to handle menus, and one of the key strengths for restaurants is it allows them to update and modify menus on demand. This level of flexibility makes it easy with changing and evolving supply and pricing.

TOURtech’s activities earned national attention as well as local TV coverage, which has helped spread the word about tools to get local business up and running quickly. We’re proud to be doing our part, whether in our own backyard or across the country.

If you would like more information about TOURtech’s reopening solutions, please email or call 919.261.1110.