TOURtech Provides Reopening Solutions for American Businesses & Events

Using the knowledge and skills learned from being the largest connectivity/IT solutions provider for North American music festivals, TOURtech has been working to provide reopening solutions for American businesses & events. We began by reaching out to the live entertainment industry, local communities and our production partners, to see who was engaged in reopening projects and how we could be of service to them. In the weeks that followed, TOURtech has been working on a number of reopening projects including:

  • Onsite Symptom Checking: TOURtech has served as a technology expert and thought leader, carefully evaluating and wading through the sudden explosion of Elevated Body Temperature Detection devices. We’ve provided insight and advice on the pros/cons of various products, and helped our customers cut through marketing material to get an independent, honest evaluation of what works, what doesn’t, and what’s best for their unique needs.
  • Remote TV Production: Using our proprietary UR Connected 4G Fusion suite of products, TOURtech has been helping TV Tech Managers stream footage to remote production partners, mix audio in the cloud and minimize crew exposure—enabling people to work in a socially distanced manner.
  • Covid-19 Response Team: We’ve worked to build remote connectivity and networks that allow pop-up Covid-19 testing stations to keep their data up-to-date and secure at all hours of the day and night, wherever they are.
  • Rural Broadband Deployment: Now more than ever, the need to connect families and businesses in rural areas is of great importance. We are focused on developing partnerships with incumbent providers to tackle last mile challenges.
  • Access Control & Tracking: TOURtech has partnered with companies such as to provide access control and tracking solutions for employees and patrons alike, helping venues and other facilities keep their staff & visitors safe. 
  • Entry Questionnaires: TOURtech has worked to create easy to access and deploy entry questionnaires on mobile devices to aid in compliance for self-certification.
  • Touchless Menus: By utilizing QR codes and landing pages with unique hardware, TOURtech has provided an easy solution for anyone to quickly access menus of not just food & drinks, but products and services for any type of business who wants to move away from paper menus and give their customers a safe, contactless option.
  • CCTV: TOURtech’s expertise in rapidly deploying CCTV systems has helped organizations quickly improve their monitoring capabilities. By mounting monitors to walls, we can establish a security center in almost any condition. Add our Incident Management platform, GigAware, and you have a complete command and dispatch center.
  • Social Sanctuary: TOURtech has teamed up with Gallagher Staging to provide connectivity and CCTV security cameras at the innovative Social Sanctuary live streaming space, helping bring A-list streaming shows to fans and keep the music alive. 

As leaders in fast deploying, flexible technology solutions TOURtech is working to help businesses and the greater community work safely and effectively. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with your needs, we’re here to help.

If you would like more information about TOURtech’s reopening solutions, please email or call 919.261.1110.