3 Ways To Effectively Use Your Activation’s Internet Connectivity

Internet and Wi-Fi have become imperative to brand and sponsor activations.  Everyone is looking to do the next cool thing with technology (AI, VR, etc.) to make their activation stand out.  While it takes creative geniuses to craft experiential marketing campaigns and build amazing activations, it doesn’t take a genius to level the playing field with your competition by simply utilizing internet connectivity on-site to help build better relationships with attendees and justify the cost.

If you are planning on having internet and Wi-Fi for your next activation, here are 3 things to think about.  Make no mistake, others definitely are!

1. Attendee Engagement

There are many ways to engage your attendees, and you can use your activation’s internet connectivity to help. At a busy event, you may not always get to speak directly to each individual who comes by.  If you have a Public Wi-Fi element, start by creating a custom log-in splash page that features the brand.  Splash pages can direct your attendees to custom websites with special offers, or provide additional incentives to encourage more engagement.  Then, through a variety of data capture and marketing tools, you have the ability to interact and engage with your audience before, during and after events with email, SMS, and on social media platforms.  Even if you don’t have the bandwidth to support Public Wi-Fi, there are ways to use access points deployed throughout the activation to engage your attendees and collect info from them so you can keep the conversation going after the event.

2. Data & Analytics

How can you can gather valuable data and analytics about your attendees, even if they are not logging on to your Wi-Fi network?   Wi-Fi enabled devices, like the smart phone you probably have on you right now, have a passive signal that can be picked up by the Wi-Fi access points in your activation.  Each of the Wi-Fi enabled devices carried by your attendees has its own unique Digital ID.  According to the Pew Research Center, 77% of Americans own a smart phone, which means you can get valuable information on attendee footfall data, number of visits, heat mapping, dwell time, and more. This not only helps you to better understand how your activation performed, but can help you to make informed decisions about what you might want to change for future activations.  Of course the data you are able to collect from access points alone is dependent on the type of AP you are using (they are not all created equal), so it’s best to contact somebody who has experience with setting up those features on an event network.

3. Proving ROI

There are many ways to collect information and estimate the number of visitors at an activation. Perhaps you’ve counted the number of tickets given out, or have a person keeping track of people with a handheld tally counter, or maybe you are just giving it your best guess.  With any of these methods, to say they are less than accurate is an understatement.  There is a better way to get a more accurate count, and a more robust “apples to apples” comparison for your activations if you are doing the same one for multiple dates/events.  As mentioned above, you can get the data using Wi-Fi access points.  By calibrating your network, you can actually determine where in the activation your attendees were, and see how long they spent there.  This gives you valuable feedback to provide your clients about not just how many people entered your activation, but how many were within close proximity of the part of it that really boosts brand awareness.  Using this method gives you a better way to truly measure success and determine the ROI of the activation.  Giving your best guess is a thing of the past, and providing accurate numbers is the new standard.  The sooner you adopt that way of thinking, the sooner you will start to gain more business!

If you have questions about how to better use the internet connectivity at your activation to get more out of it than just a connection, TOURtech is happy to to be a resource!  Call us today at (919) 261-1110 and ask to speak to a member of our Brand Activations Team.