Jeremy Rollinson

Rollinson has been thinking about creating and delivering technology solutions for live events around the world since 2006 and has had ties with TOURtech since the early days of the company.  He says, “One day I was a regular Wi-Fi engineer, the next I was an Event Wi-Fi Engineer. It was at Latitude Festival in England and the local telco couldn’t connect the box office. The first, but by no means the last, critical problem we would solve using wireless technology.”

“Live events present unique challenges, and as technology moves from the production office to the audience, those challenges continue to grow. From high pressure product launches to connecting brands and performers with their fans, we get to explore what is possible.”

CEO & Founder Allen Cook credits Rollinson with playing an instrumental role in developing many of the systems and processes that put TOURtech on the map, some of which are still in place today.  In addition to his technical know-how, Jeremy also has a deep understanding of sponsorship side of the event industry, which is just one of the many new areas that TOURtech will be focusing on in the years to come.

O: (919) 267-2892
M: 408-613-9788