Tack Falana

Tack comes from a family of Touring and Event professionals.  He grew up watching Events get built, and has seen first-hand how they have changed over the years. He knew from a young age, that he would one day work in this vast and ever changing industry.

After 11 years in the Event Industry, Tack brings a wide range of expertise to TOURtech.  Having a history with Production Management, Operations, Logistics, and Temporary Networks gives him the ability to not only know what works and what doesn’t, but allows him to always be thinking of “Outside of the Box” solutions.

He has played a role in the success of many diverse types of events, from Coachella in the desert of California, to the Winter X Games in the chilly Aspen mountains. Tack also brings with him a history of working internationally, from British Colombia, Canada to Mexico City and Quintana Roo, Mexico.