CCTV Surveillance & Intelligence Technologies

The Event Intelligence Group of TOURtech provides cutting edge technology and the trained staff required to gather all available information from an event and deliver it to event organizers in a central communications center, or anywhere else, on or off-site.

The EIG Division, led by Greg Guzzetta, features a team of skilled event production and event safety veterans, and is committed to continually advancing the technology and services that deliver decision critical data to stakeholders and help to facilitate safer, more efficient events.


The camera inventory includes Axis and Sony cameras. While the PTZ cameras are the work horses, EIG also deploys various specialty cameras All cameras have broadcast quality sensors and optics and have been retrofitted for quick and flexible deployment.

IP surveillance is only as good as the network supporting it. EIG cameras are hung on secure, high bandwidth, carrier class wireless networks operating in licensed and unlicensed bands.

Images and data can be delivered on site or off site through a secure cloud based platform. A mobile app is also available to provide images anywhere in the field.


Incident Management and Dispatch

GigAware is a cloud based incident management and dispatch application. GigAware Enhanced integrates with MotoTRBO radio systems to provide GPS positioning of resources as well as calls coming into a Comms Center.


  • Crowd Dynamics: Measure crowd density, crowd flow and area capacities.
  • People Counting:  This powerful tool allows you to accurately count ingress/egress at gates, and acquire aggregate counts from all gates.
  • LPR / Vehicle Recognition: Recognize and record all vehicle traffic at production or guest gates.


We deliver services from Weather Ops by DTN for complete global forecasting and event-specific weather decision support.

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