Crew Profile: Shawn Rowe

Shawn Rowe Crew Profile

600_ShawnCPIn this Crew Profile we are throwing the spotlight Shawn Rowe, Site Coordinator at TOURtech.

Question: “Is everything bigger in Texas?”
Answer: “Everything except for me!”

Shawn may be a small Texan, but he wears some big hats at TOURtech. In addition to working onsite leading crews at some of our biggest events, Shawn spearheads the development of TOURtech’s training program for contractors. He also actually wears a real, big, cowboy hat.

The Beginning. It was in high school where he first developed a passion for music, but he also wanted to serve his country, so after graduating he enlisted in the United States Army as an 88M. Over the next 3 years, he was stationed in Germany, Fort Bliss, and also served in Desert Storm.

Shawn then attended college where he studied the audio and video sides of the production industry, and it wasn’t long before he was mixing audio on television trucks for sporting events. From there, Shawn gradually shifted into the music field running sound for artists like Monica, Beyoncé, Pitbull, Jennifer Lopez, and Ricky Skaggs.

In his downtime, he ran a company that installed professional AV/Light systems in everything from small venues like churches, to large venues like American Airlines Arena in Dallas.

So how does an audio guy get into networking and Wi-Fi? The concepts are actually very closely related, and with Shawn’s education, experience, and ability to lead, he was a perfect fit for TOURtech. He worked Mysteryland in 2015 as a contractor, and then came on board as a full time staff member the next day.

What’s in a Name? During his time with us here at TOURtech, Shawn earned the nickname “Cookie.” Why? Well, yes, because he really loves cookies. But it’s also how he judges the quality of catering at an event. “If they have cookies, I always have something to go to. Cookies have probably saved my life, and maybe even saved a show or two,” says Shawn.

When Shawn isn’t traveling for TOURtech, he loves spending time just being a husband and a dad. The Rowe’s three kids keep them extremely busy and they wouldn’t have it any other way. His oldest son has a band and Shawn occasionally runs sound for them; his daughter does dance and loves to draw and paint; his youngest son is in Cub Scouts and based on his sales pitches for popcorn fundraisers, Shawn says he “could sell ice to an Eskimo.”


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