TOURtech’s Event Intelligence Group

The Event Intelligence Group division of TOURtech is the premiere provider of surveillance and intelligence technologies/services for the live event industry, and our primary mission is to mitigate the risk and unique challenges of events of all sizes.

Featuring a team of highly skilled event production and event safety veterans, EIG’s plan to deliver more robust safety services to the US market grew from years of experience at UK festivals, where Health and Safety are mandated by local authorities. EIG is committed to continually advancing the technology and services that deliver real-time information to event organizers that will assist in creating safer and more efficient events.

The EIG Division is headed by Director Greg Guzzetta, who brings over 30 years of experience in live event production to EIG. These many years of producing major events provide us with a unique insight into the operations and safety of large events. Greg has toured the globe with music artists and action sports events and has extensive experience working with local health and safety authorities.


A well-designed HD CCTV system with cameras installed at the proper height provides an invaluable perspective on all aspects of safety, including crowd density and venue capacity.

We use Axis HD Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras with broadcast quality sensors and optics retrofitted for quick and flexible deployment, and they are hung on a secure, high bandwidth, carrier class wireless network operating in licensed and unlicensed bands.

Images and data can be delivered on site or off site through a secure cloud based platform. A mobile app is also available to provide images anywhere in the field.

Our team handles design, installation/deployment, and onsite training and monitoring. Take safety to a new level at your next event and book TOURtech’s Event Intelligence Group today. Call (919) 261-1110 or click here to request a quote.


Better information enables safer events. Our CCTV deployments come complete with Intelligence Technologies that will get your team all of the information they need to address any problems before they become major safety concerns.

Real Time Forensic Analytics

  • Crowd Dynamics: We can measure crowd density, flow and area capacities.
  • People Counting:  This powerful tool allows you and your teams accurately count ingress/egress at gates, and acquire aggregate counts from all gates.
  • LPR / Vehicle Recognition: Want the ability to recognize and record all vehicle traffic at production or guest gates?  We handle that, too!
  • Weather Services: Real-time forecast monitoring from Weather Ops by DTN for complete, event-specific weather decision support.


Better information enables safer events. GigAware is our cloud based platform that helps make that happen. It’s available to all key staff and provides superior situational awareness and more control than ever before.

Live dispatch information is combined with data from other event systems to provide an integrated view of your event and your venue.

Not only is it easy to use, but it’s also mobile friendly and available for every member of your team at no additional cost.