Free Trial of TOURtech Fan Wi-Fi Platform For Venues

Do you want to learn more about your audience, deliver targeted marketing campaigns, and drive revenue?

If you answered YES to one or all of those questions, keep reading!

TOURtech is now offering a free 3 month trial of our new Fan Wi-Fi Platform for Venues.

What is the Fan Wi-Fi Platform and why does my venue need it?

Our Fan Wi-Fi Platform will enable you to better understand your audience in greater detail.  It can be easily deployed on your existing venue Wi-Fi network, and once it’s activated, will allow you to connect with them through targeted marketing campaigns during and after the event, which will help increase revenue and develop brand loyalty.

We know that many venues get information about fans who buy tickets, but the flow of information usually stops at the point of sale.  Many fans buy tickets for friends and family members, some buy tickets as gifts, and others might not be able to attend the show so they either resell the tickets they purchased or give them away.  With the Fan Wi-Fi Platform, you can learn more about your ACTUAL attendees!

Something else to think about: venues are places where things happen, so the Fan Wi-Fi Platform is not just limited to music and sporting events!  We also consider breweries, restaurants, small businesses, shopping centers, conference centers, and municipalities to be venues as well.  That’s why we have created 3 different levels of the platform, and they can all work in any size venue.

Limited Time Offer: 3 Month Free Trial

We are looking for a select number of venues to trial.  If your venue is selected, we’ll help get you set up, provide free hardware if needed and work proactively with your marketing team to build campaigns that deliver results.

After the trial period is up, there is no commitment and you can cancel at anytime, all at no cost!!

Our initial rollout will be limited to a small number of venues, so register your interest today filling out the form below and one our team members will be in touch within 24-48 hours.