Tips For Successful Event Planning

Our starting point for any event: Conversation, Consultation and Coordination.

The attention we devote to your event from our first conversation drives the success of the entire project. That’s why the size of the venue, the number of staff and expected attendees, and proposed network-supported services all lend vital information towards bandwidth, network topology and user interface design. TOURtech’s temporary networking expertise helps our planners make smart, data-driven decisions to deliver a stable and reliable network every transaction, every engagement, every event.

As you are planning your event, there are some things to keep in mind if you need connectivity, and to make it easy, we’ve created a list of some things you will need to consider.

The most important thing about connectivity is bandwidth.  If there is no bandwidth, there is no internet!

  • Does the venue already have bandwidth, or do you need us to source it for you?
  • If the venue has bandwidth, is it enough to handle everyone that needs internet access at your event?
  • Who is the local bandwidth provider at the venue?

Production areas keep things running behind the scenes and almost always need some type of connectivity.

  • How many people will need Wi-Fi or internet access?
  • How many areas will need coverage (number of offices and/or trailers)?
  • Will anyone on your team need VoIP phones or printers?

Both RFID, ticketing, and Point of Sale (POS) are extremely common at events, but sometimes they get overlooked, which can cause a last-minute scramble to get connectivity to them.

  • RFID/POS: How many locations will be onsite, and what company is handling it?
  • TICKETING: Who is handling it, do they need connectivity, and if so, in how many locations?

Public Wi-Fi is a much bigger undertaking than many think, that’s why we suggest providing it only in specific areas like a targeted section of the venue, VIP lounge, or sponsor activation.  Covering an entire festival can be done, but it tends to be very expensive.

  • How many Public Wi-Fi locations will there be?
  • What is the size of each location (ie. 10×10 tent, 40×40 room, etc.)
  • How many people are you expecting to connect at each location?

Yes, that seems like a lot of bases to cover, but once we have the vitals of your event, we hit the ground running with a solution that leaves nothing up to chance. The nature of the production industry is such that instant adjustments and fixes are the norm, and our experienced team stays poised to jump in and address any changes in real-time. You’ve got enough to track before, during and after the event, so let us worry about the fine details.