UR Connected 4G Rentals

TOURtech has a large inventory of 4G rental packages for your event. These are ideal for brand activations, small offices and trade show booths. All packages offer significant savings over costly venue provided services.

Getting connectivity doesn’t get any easier than this. You place the order with our team, we send you the equipment via FedEx, and the rest is plug and play (no IT experience required), leaving you time to focus on other areas of your event.

We currently offer 3 different 4G rental options, and have more in development that we’ll be releasing in 2018.  See below for current options and pricing.  If you would like to check availability and book a rental unit, call 919-261-1110 and ask to speak to an Account Manager today.

UR Connected 4G Solo
If just you or one of your team members needs connectivity, the 4G Solo package is a great option. This pocket sized Verizon Ellipsis Jetpack let’s you access Wi-Fi and it works on the 4G LTE Network for fast downloads.
PRICE: $75/Day Unlimited | $225/Week (5GB) | $425/Week Unlimited | $1450/Month (20GB)

UR Connected 4G Office
With our 4G Office package, your team of up to 10 people can access the internet through Wi-Fi or hardline via this Verizon Broadband LTE Router. If you have more than 10 people or want connect a VoIP phone or printer, you can rent additional units.
PRICE: $100/Day Unlimited | $250/Week (5GB) | $450/Week Unlimited | $1500/Month (20GB)

UR Connected 4G Fusion 
Our NEW 4G Fusion solution allows your team of up to 15 people can check email, surf the web, and update social media accounts.  You can also use it to do on-site software demos or stream live video! This package features a proprietary bonded connection from AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint, with maximum speeds up to 100Mpbs down and 50Mbps up**, plus unlimited data. It comes self contained in a ruggedized case that weighs about 15lbs (photos below), and you will receive it the day prior to your event.
PRICE: $400/Day (2 Day Minimum) Unlimited | $2,500/Week Unlimited

UR Connected 4G Fusion

**Maximum speeds based on carrier and coverage