TOURtech® Announces the Launch of FOMO-Fi™

FOMO-Fi Logo

FOMO-Fi™ is TOURtech’s answer to the increasing needs for public Event WiFi.

Raleigh, NC: TOURtech, Inc. is excited to announce the launch of FOMO-Fi™, a scalable and reliable Event WiFi solution which allows an event to provide public WiFi to its patrons without breaking the bank. Attendees will have an effortless Event WiFi experience while event organizers and sponsors benefit from data collection and distributed cost.

“Our goal when creating FOMO-Fi™ was to provide a reliable solution first and foremost,” says Kate Norem, TOURtech’s Director of Client Services. “The challenge was to simultaneously be cost effective to event organizers and sponsors. FOMO-Fi™ sits comfortably in both of those categories.”

Allen Cook, TOURtech’s Founder & CEO, adds “Many of our clients have experimented with current public WiFi offerings but have failed to realize a justifiable return on their investment.” Cook is no stranger to providing customized, top-notch solutions to clients in need. “We’ve been asked several times for affordable alternatives with measurable results. This demand is why we created FOMO-Fi™ for our partners.” FOMO-Fi™ allows event organizers to customize the Event WiFi experience by selecting the features they want to include throughout the event site:

  • Social authentication.
  • URL redirection.
  • Footfall analytics.
  • Usage statistics.

FOMO-Fi™ hosts receive a data report at the end of the event based on the event organizer’s selections. Footfall analytics are the most anticipated feature and touts tracking of passersby and calculations of engagement, dwell time and conversion ratio for individual hosts as well as an aggregate report for the entire FOMO-Fi™ network.

About TOURtech®
TOURtech is the market leader in providing temporary Event WiFi, VoIP, Internet Connection Management, and Mobile Office Solutions. Featuring an elite team of event production professionals and expert network engineers, the company continually sets the bar for event WiFi success. TOURtech’s experience in delivering reliable event technology solutions is unparalleled.