Custom Wi-Fi Connectivity at Verizon Super Bowl Central

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 9.19.11 AM

TOURtech scored big at Verizon Super Bowl Central, a concert and activity area in downtown Phoenix estimated to host 1 million visitors over five days. Three main areas of the event ran on a TOURtech custom wireless production network: the Verizon Power House, a live stream of the event broadcast over the web, and a 3D video projection and lighting installation appearing on a massive skyscraper.


The Verizon Power House showcases the latest in Verizon’s technologies, products, and services. All of the high-tech interactive exhibits inside of this area run on a TOURtech custom production network. We provide internet access to the public, the producers, the exhibit creators, and everyone else involved with the Power House.


The Bank of America building towers over Super Bowl Central. A total of eighteen projectors covered two sides of this building in cutting-edge 3D graphics, while a lighting installation on top of the building flashes brightly in sync. These depend on TOURtech’s network in order to light up the sky.


Finally, a live internet stream of the event ran on a TOURtech custom production network, generating valuable impressions for sponsors and allowing anyone to enjoy a bit of the Super Bowl from anywhere in the world.